Luxury Furniture & Accessories

Interior Design

Luxury Furniture brings a certain elegance and sophistication to any home, from comfortable chairs and sofas to stylish desks, luxury furniture pieces are designed to last for years while providing a timeless look that will never go out of style. With attention-grabbing details such as intricate carvings, handcrafted woodwork, and beautiful upholstery fabrics, luxury furniture will instantly elevate any space.

Whether you’re looking for a piece to complete your living room or a statement desk for your office Gary Riggs Design can provide the perfect finish touch. We are a luxury furnishing retail company ready to help find the pieces of furniture you desire.

Gary Riggs Design occupies over 18,000 square feet and showcases a wide array of luxury home furnishings that will enhance the beauty and elegance of any home. At Gary Riggs Design, we incorporate luxury design furnishings into your home or office to make it come alive. We see our designs as more than just work but as a form of art. We have provided exceptional service to customers for more than 25 years.