"The Bath" Black and White Acrylic on Paper by Robert Smijlcic

The bath has been depicted throughout art history coupled with a nude, but in this abstract yet fairly accurate depiction of New York City looking over Central Park. The entire city itself replaces the nude human subject – beyond the surface (or beneath the skin) of the city – it offers you endless opportunities to encounter – Or rush too in a true New Yorker fashion. In the. millions of rooms and doors the city has to offer – you can surely find someone somewhere – nude, obsessing over a woman, a man, a lover, a muse, a stranger. — and past the vast horizon to the metaphorical Statue of Lady Liberty herself she stands and waits, forever and ever- greeting all those travelers, who often come from far away with nothing but the clothes on their backs. 18 x 24 Black & White Acrylic Paper 2017

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